The Blessed Life

“Ashrei” is a Hebrew expression meaning blessed, happy and thriving.  It describes a life that embraces the truth that God is perfect love and trustworthy, not one dependent upon circumstances or feelings. It is a life that is freely given, not earned.

Road blocks, dashed dreams, heartache, pain and difficulty can tempt us to believe God is neither trustworthy nor loving.  Equally, seasons of plenty, joy and happiness can fool us into believing we don’t need Him in every moment of our lives.

Life is a  journey of learning to trust a loving and good God without reservation.  What if hardships are God’s invitation to accept His love and trust Him at a deeper level.  What if you could surrender everything to God? What if you were able to work your hardest, do your best, but in faith and trust, abandon the ultimate outcome into His care?  What if your deepest desire became a longing for a rich relationship with God, defined by complete trust. How different would your life be?

Through some deeply painful experiences and losses, God has taught me to want Him most.  It was in the middle of suffering that God gave me the greatest gift, Himself.  Experiencing the love and goodness of God in brokenness brought opportunities to choose to trust even when there seemed to be no resolution or answer. 

Friend, I don’t know what you are facing, but I do know the God who does. He offers life abundant.  It is available today.  God’s word is full of guidance, comfort and glimpses of how He has worked in the lives of those who have gone before us. 

This blog is simply a collection of thoughts and meditations that I hope will help you focus on the abundant life possible as you surrender all to a trustworthy and good God. Let’s encourage each other to trust God in all things, look for where he is at work and listen to his loving voice.